/Zen Video secures Series A to provide a new way of making short videos, & more

Zen Video secures Series A to provide a new way of making short videos, & more

AI based video platform Zen Video receives undisclosed Series A in millions of USD

Zen Video

Founder: Kang Hongwen

Financing status: Series A round amounting to tens of millions in RMB (a few million USD) in 2017

AI based short video platform Zen Video on Wednesday received an undisclosed Series A round in millions of USD to enhance its video technology so that it can be used by video specialists.

Zen Video is a video platform that enables users to convert text into short videos quickly based on artificial intelligence and big data technology.

Users can send an article, enter a link or a keyword on its platform. Then, it will automatically search for suitable images and video footage, and organize them into a short video. All these work is the result of a combination of video technology, artificial intelligence and big data technology. In addition, users can adjust the short videos on Zen Video’s online platform. These adjustments include starting and ending points, changing transition effects, as well as lens adjustment and subtitles. Moreover, Zen Video provides users with a one-stop customized video production and editing service which requires extra fees.

According to information on its website and app, the number of videos that users can make on Zen Video’s platform is limited, but they can also pay for a subscription to increase the number of videos that they can produce. The company has also reached partnerships with some popular television channels to meet their demands on short videos.

This Series A financing round was from Granite Global Ventures Capital and Crystal Stream. The capital will be used to improve its video technology to attract niche users, and invest more on marketing to attract more users.

Big data based medical company Genelife receives USD 7.4 million for Series A

Photo from 58pic.com
Photo from 58pic.com


Founder: Liu Liyu

Financing status: RMB 50 million (USD 7.4 million) Series A round in 2017

Big data based medical company Genelife on Wednesday received USD 7.4 million for its Series A round for the research and development of its medical big data platform.

Genelife is a medical company based on big data technology to provide customers with medical treatment services.

The company built a big data medical platform that combines cloud computing technology and deep learning algorithm. It collects information of clinical and biological samples from various data sources such as hospitals, medical centers, and so on. Then, the platform will analyze and mine valuable information from the data it has collected, which in turn will contribute to precise medical treatment.

For hospitals and medical centers, they can directly process medical information on Genelife’s big data medical platform with its visual data analysis tools and cloud computing technology. In this way, Genelife can collect more information for other purposes, and its partners can also save time on processing medical information and data.

This Series A financing round was led by Huiding Capital, and Genelife plans to use the fund to enhance its big data medical platform, as well as attract more partners to expand the usage of its big data platform.

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