/Xiaomi is rumored to launch its first smartwatch in August

Xiaomi is rumored to launch its first smartwatch in August

China’s leading smartphone maker Xiaomi is going to launch  its first smartwatch, and its new smartphone, the Mi Note 2, in August, according to a Chinese electronics analysts.

Since Xiaomi has just launched the Redmi Pro smartphone on Wednesday,  some people did not expect new smartphones out of the company in such a short time. However, analyst Pan Jiutang of the Huaqiang Electronics Industry Research Institute still thinks that the Mi Note 2 will be launched in August.

“Xiaomi has no need of a warm up, since there has been a ‘fever’ for Chinese smartphone makers to launch new smartphones without warning during the past few months,” said Pan in his Weibo on Friday.

Screenshot from Pan JIutang's Sina Weibo.
Screenshot from Pan Jiutang’s Sina Weibo.

According to Pan, Xiaomi will also launch its first smartwatch along with the Mi Note 2. As Xiaomi has been known for its products with comparatively low prices, people also expect its smartwatch to be affordable.

Pan has said earlier that the Mi Note 2 would be one of the first smartphones to use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor. Chinese media predicted that the smartphone’s price would be over RMB 3,000 (USD 450), the highest among all of Xiaomi’s smartphones.

Xiaomi has failed yet again to reach the top five list in terms of smartphone shipments made in Q2 2016, according to the latest report by American market research firm IDC.

It is possible the company wants to sell more, by launching more.

(Top photo from sinacn.weibodangan.com)