20 must-know startups in China: MXCHIP (Video)

MXCHIP is a huge player behind the scenes of the Internet of Things (IoT) trend.

20 must-know startups in China: MOGU (Video)

MOGU is a fashion information platform, used by tens of millions of women in China and abroad.

20 must-know startups in China: QYER (Video)

QYER, China’s largest one-stop travel platform, is enabling a new generation of independent Chinese travelers.

20 must-know startups in China: UMU (Video)

UMU uses technology to increase interactivity in training and education.

20 must-know startups in China: Juesheng (Video)

Juesheng aims to build a bridge between consumers and the most appropriate providers of educational services.

20 must-know startups in China: Light & Digital (Video)

By fusing computer graphics with virtual reality, Light & Digital hopes to give customers amazing experiences.

20 must-know startups in China: Onehome (Video)

Home rental platform Onehome is tailored for Chinese outbound travelers, making use of overseas Chinese hosts.

20 must-know startups in China: Goluk (Video)

Goluk, a dashcam maker that focuses on short videos and live-streaming.

20 must-know startups in China: Xiaopeng Motors (Video)

Xiaopeng Motors create internet-connected electric vehicles. They see themselves as not simply an automobile company, but rather as an automobile company in the tech sector.

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