Infographic: what you should learn from Alibaba and JD’s Q3 reports

AllChinaTech handpicks the highlights of Alibaba and JD's Q3 financial reports and reveal their strength and competition.    

Report: 77.14M China’s rural consumers shopped online in 2014, a 40.6% increase

The number of rural residents shopping online has increased dramatically since last year, shows a Ministry of Commerce report.

5 reasons Alibaba stock continues to tumble despite USD14B Singles’ Day revenue

Alibaba’s Singles Day shopping festival has not solved its continuing dilemma on the stock market. AllChinaTech suggests 5 reasons why Singles' Day isn’t all what it seems to be.

State Council to regulate parcel delivery and package damage with heavy fines

China’s State Council has started public hearing on its new bylaw to fine a delivery man up to RMB 50,000 if he jeopardizes the safety of packages.

Top 5 hottest topics on China’s social media this week

Don't miss these headlines: Retailers line up to worship Jack Ma; Help your roommate get a date; A round face is better looking than oval.

Deloitte survey: mobile addiction prevalent, 58% of Chinese check their phones twice an hour

The China Edition of Deloitte’s 2015 Global Mobile Consumer Report warns that Chinese who are addicted to their smartphones are getting younger and younger.

China Tech Today – Chinese market demand for iPhones drop

Don’t miss our daily highlights: NetEase reports USD 820 M revenue from online games; T-mall’s Double 11 revenue reaches USD 14.3 B; China’s Craigslist 58 Ganji launches secondhand goods trading app.

Infographic: T-mall’s latest Double 11 revenue multiplied by 1000 times since 2009

As the Double 11 shopping day ended, Alibaba-backed e-commerce giant T-mall has set another world record, with USD 14.3 billion in total transactions.

China Tech Today – Top dating app’s Singles’ Day survey: Northeast China has the most singles, & more

Don't miss our daily highlights: Alipay completes a record 85,900 online transactions per second; stocks of Alibaba rival e-commerce sites fall; Xiaomi becomes best-selling smartphone of Double 11 shopping day.

The weirdest online shopping habits of Chinese go beyond your imagination

Alibaba released interesting stats on the weirdest shopping trends in China on Double 11 shopping day.

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