The top 5 unique dating apps in China

Besides popular dating apps like Momo, Tantan, and Blued, China has more niche solutions for heating up the dating scene

Can Snapchat-inspired self-destruct features be a thing in China?

Facebook’s new “Messenger Day” feature got everyone talking, but can this kind of self-destruct function be a thing in China?

Huawei’s new campus in Shenzhen gets ridiculed for copycat architecture

Netizens claim Huawei’s copies of famous European cities go against the company’s forward-thinking image.

The rise of cheese in China

After a cold welcome, cheese has finally gained trust from Chinese consumers.

WildChina’s Mei Zhang: using the internet for more authentic tourism in China

Tourism has wrought huge changes in China. Now, the internet is changing everything.

Are you willing to pay for online reading now?

Online media in China are exploring the paid content business, but there are still many challenges waiting for them.

Are prefab houses the answer to urban housing shortage?

The good and bad of prefabricated construction.

How mHealth has failed to revolutionize China’s healthcare

Hailed as the solution to China’s complex healthcare system, mHealth is now struggling to make profits.

6 fabulous prefab buildings from all over the world

The idea of prefabricated buildings can sound artless and industrial, but in reality they are anything but.

The top 5 ugliest electric vehicles in China

China’s booming EV industry gives rise to beautiful models and some very ugly ducklings.



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