Poll shows 62% of customers will purchase Apple Watch as gifts

Fortune appears to favour Apple as a recent survey indicates a majority of Apple Watch owners will gift friends and relatives an Apple Watch this holiday season.

Get in on the Chinese Super Bowl: Chinese tech companies fight for Spring Festival Gala ads

The Chinese Lunar New Year Gala presents an advertising opportunity like no other on mainland. AllChinaTech explores the past years' successes and who will benefit in the coming year.

IDC report: Android will have 83% of global mobile market share by 2019

The latest figures from IDC point to continued growth for Google's Android operating system against a further decline in market share for Apple's iOS.

Customers beware: 45% of Apple Watch users dissatisfied after purchase

Demand for the Apple Watch is especially high in China, but new reports indicate existing Apple Watch customers are not especially content with their new devices. AllChinaTech reveals the most common reasons for disappointment.

Infographic: Black Friday vs. Singles Day – Chinese spent 3 times more than Americans

AllChinaTech selects core data to compare the largest shopping festivals in the U.S. and in China.

Create the perfect selfie with an app used by 100 million Chinese

Want to transform your selfies into flawless works of art to rival the Renaissance masters? Here are the 8 features of Meitu Xiuxiu, explained using classical paintings.

Infographic: China’s smart device financing distribution

Smart home devices, wearable devices and 3D printing are hot for attracting investment in smart devices in China.

Report: Didi holds 5 times more market share than Uber in China’s private car-hailing market

Analysys International's latest report on China's private car-hailing market indicates Didi Kuaidi is way ahead of the competition despite consolidation between competitors and increased investment.

Chinese travel site Tuniu’s Q3 earnings: net loss increases three-fold from last year

Tuniu.com, one of China's leading leisure travel platforms, releases its Q3 financial report.

Uber gains fast in China based on Xiaomi Q3 app store data

Xiaomi's newly released quarter 3 figures for its Xiaomi app store illustrate a changing landscape for China's ride-hailing sector, growth of the entertainment sector and market decline as a result of China's stock market slump.



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