Top 3 reasons behind the failure of MSN Messenger in China and the rise of QQ

How did QQ come to rule the roost in China? AllChinaTech takes a page from history to explain the key failings of the once globally dominant Microsoft service.

An ongoing nightmare for Chinese teens: electrical shocks to treat internet addiction

An Internet addiction treatment center under a media storm due to its cruel treatment

LeEco’s acquisition of Le Vision Pictures postponed is putting off its acquisition of LeEco’s movie production subsidiary.

Chaotic, crowded, dirty: netizens share stories of Shanghai Disneyland

Shanghai Disneyland has officially opened to the public, but the wonderland may not be all that dreamy and nice.

German financial service giant Allianz teams up with Baidu to serve Chinese market

Allianz has announced it will team up with Baidu and Hillhouse Capital to offer online insurance throughout China

From smart contracts, to VR, to 3D-printed houses: How property tech is making a big difference

Beyond platforms and listings, real property will get a big boost from these trends and technologies. What other innovations should property startups focus on?

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Income rises 4 times over as millions of delivery men needed for Singles’ Day

Double 11 draws near, delivery men are being recruited with a bike wage hike.

The top 10 searched events of the year on Baidu

These are the events that caught the most attention from Baidu’s 660 million users

Infographic: Black Friday vs. Singles Day – Chinese spent 3 times more than Americans

AllChinaTech selects core data to compare the largest shopping festivals in the U.S. and in China.



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