Amazon China report: Chinese overseas sellers have grown 13 times since 2013 claims Chinese sellers and consumers have seen massive growth on Amazon’s international portals, despite Amazon’s cool reception in the domestic market.

Healthier smog? A scientific report says air pollution in Beijing is less toxic

Heavy metals have decreased in Beijing’s smog. Does this mean the air is “healthy”?

Pokémon GO beware: the Chinese copycats are sucking fans

The Chinese copycat version of Pokémon Go, launched this March, are among the most popular mobile games in China.

Where will Qi Lu lead Baidu’s AI arm after Andrew Ng leaves?

Baidu founder Robin Li announced that AI will be the most important strategy for the company over the next decade.

Why considering an exit strategy is not bad – at all

By not thinking ahead, you may find that the options in the future could be limited

“Is Zuckerberg a communist?”: Chinese netizens mock Mark’s donation

The internet is all abuzz about Mark Zuckerberg's big announcement. China's Facebook, Weibo, is no different. Here are some excerpts from the hot discussion.

Why are Chinese millennials crazy about Rainbow Chamber Singers?

One of the group's songs had over 2 million hits on bilibili, the largest video streaming platform for Chinese millennials.

iPhone Wallet or IPHONE wallet? Apple loses trademark case

Apple has lost a trademark battle against a Chinese leather goods maker. The decision says the leather goods manufacturer is allowed to put "IPHONE" on their products.

Trump, beware. Chinese Dama are ahead of the security game with a new app

China’s retirees may soon outshine the world’s largest intelligence agencies in ensuring national security.

Will vertical farming feed the world?

How does vertical farming tap into population growth and a shortage of farmland?

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Within 40 days, USD 174 million worth of funds have been invested in power bank rental startups in China.