Will vertical farming feed the world?

How does vertical farming tap into population growth and a shortage of farmland?

How Baidu lost its top 3 visionists in AI development

Baidu’s AI trio has waved goodbye to the tech giant. Here’s what they’re doing next.

Where will Qi Lu lead Baidu’s AI arm after Andrew Ng leaves?

Baidu founder Robin Li announced that AI will be the most important strategy for the company over the next decade.

Why Airbnb’s new Chinese name is an epic fail

Some said it sounds like a copycat porn company.

Why is the Shanghai Metro more advanced than the New York Subway (II)?

Comparing the subway systems of two megacities.

Is Alibaba’s battle with counterfeit goods getting any better?

The e-commerce giant is trying to clean up concerns of fake goods and food safety by putting tracking QR codes on eggs.

These are the most popular masks in China. Are they really anti-smog?

China’s smog economy is experiencing a boom with more anti-pollution masks available every year.

Why is the Shanghai Metro more advanced than the New York Subway? (I)

Comparing the subway systems of two megacities

Photos: What does Tim Cook dig about China startups ofo and Keep

Keep and ofo apps are popular among Chinese millennials.

Why are Chinese millennials crazy about Rainbow Chamber Singers?

One of the group's songs had over 2 million hits on bilibili, the largest video streaming platform for Chinese millennials.



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