Yangcong lands Series B with its online videos to complement traditional education, & more

Yangcong provides students with interactive videos to help them learn actively.

LEFULL’s urban youth housing management attracts a Series A round, & more

LEFULL provides urban youth apartments with classy living environments and chic facilities.

TF in China this week – Live streaming’s growing popularity in China

Bringing you the latest financing highlights in the tech sector.

CEEWA lands Series B with its integrated civil drones and intelligent technology, & more

 manufactures intelligent civil drones with cutting edge technology that can be used in multiple industries.

Trending 24-hour convenience store Today acquires Series A+ funding, & more

24-hour convenience store Today mainly targets young customers and tailors its marketing strategies to attract this demographic.

Top investments in China’s power bank rental scene

Here is a summary of the top investments made in China's power bank rental scene.

Huya’s successful Series A proves growing popularity of live streaming, & more

YY Inc.'s live streaming platform Huya develops presenters hosting live streams of their mobile games to further compete in this industry.

Yishuvip, atrtwork ranking based on big data lands USD 1.4 M angel round, & more

E-commerce platform Yishuvip uses multidimensional data to rank works of art.

Online pharmacy Jianke secures Series A+ to achieve smart medical developments, & more

Jianke sells drugs online to help customers save money as well as to achieve smart medical developments in China.

New competitor Qicaidanche joins bike-sharing battle with angel round secured, & more

Qicaidanche places bikes in different colors of the rainbow on the streets of China to compete with bike-sharing giants.

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Tech Junction: New Space 99 degree AI class review

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