Tech Financing

Tech Financing

YunQuNa to expand global logistic services to more countries with Series A+, & more

YunQuNa provides cargo owners with logistics services on a global  scale.

TF in China this week –’s secured financing shows that used goods trading is thriving

Bringing you the latest financing highlights in the tech sector.

TF in India this week – Fintech startups like Kissht offer easy online and offline payment options

Bringing you the latest financing highlights in the tech sector.

High performance computing language provider Julia Computing attracts millions for seed round, & more

Julia is the fastest open source computing language for data science and machine learning.

Ellabook’s animation e-books for children attracts Series A fund, & more

Ellabook produces animation e-books to enhance interactive reading experience for children.

Cloud based product discovery startup Unbxd raises USD 12.5 M in Series C, & more

This newly raised fund will fuel Unbxd’s innovation in its e-commerce product discovery platform.

AI based fashion startup Fabulyst raises seed round

AI based fashion stylist will “dress” you up according to your personal needs.

Bigger builds small satellite towns for entrepreneurs and secures Series A, & more

Bigger not only provides startups with advanced offices, but it also supports them with a list of innovative services.

appMagics secures Series A+ for integrating VR with smart gadgets, & more

appMagics integrates VR with smart gadgets based on its open source VR technology system.

India’s largest mobile POS Mswipe closes its Series D led by Ratan Tata, & more

The newly raised fund will develop its network of merchants accepting digital payments in India.

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