BeeFly copies Mobike’s success with escooter rentals and secures USD 3 M, & more

BeeFly copies Mobike’s model of escooter rentals that enable residents to travel more than 3 km easily.

Original content catches on in China with Jianshu receiving USD 6 M, & more

China’s Medium Jianshu allows users to publish original written content on its blogging platform.

Photo editing apps locked in a fierce competition in China with Butter Camera securing USD 3 M, & more

Butter Camera enables users to add captions to photos before it is shared on social media to better express their emotions.

Make smarter investments based on big data with Dingfudata securing USD 11 M, & more

Dingfudata helps customers make smart investment decisions based on big data and artificial intelligence technology.

Tencent bets on online used goods market investing USD 200 M in Zhuan Zhuan, & more

Tencent invests in’s Zhuan Zhuan to compete with Alibaba’s Xianyu in the used goods trading market.

NetEase Cloud Music secures USD 108 M joining the “Unicorn Club”, & more

NetEase Cloud Music helps users discover more interesting songs based on their search preferences via its big data technology.

China’s bike-sharing battle intensifies with Hellobike’s Series B backing, & more

Hellobike receives its Series B round fund to compete in China’s thriving bike-sharing battle.

Qianbbaomu secures investment despite China’s cooling fintech market, & more

Fintech platform Qianbaomu continues to grow in China’s cooling fintech market.

Power bank rental is hot this week with Hidian secures angel round, & more

Power bank rental is hot this week. Will Hidian make a difference?

Bike-sharing boom in China continues with UniBike securing Series A round, &more

Xiaomi joins power bank rental war to invest in Guaishou Chongdian’s angel round to exclusively place rental power banks in its partners’ stores.



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