Chinese Drone maker JYU introduces a low-price drone for only USD 155

JYU brings to market two new drones in an attempt to make drones more widely accessible for average consumers.

Didi Kuaidi releases economical carpool service to boost service in 259 Chinese cities

China’s top ride-hailing company has launched a new, economical carpool service in over 20 cities, expanding its services.

Meet the robotics startup that wants to be the Android of AI

Horizon Robotics isn't making walking and talking robots that will cook you dinner, but they want to give your toaster a brain.

TV content distributor Union Voole completes RMB 528M funding

A much coveted over-the-top license has been granted to television content distributor, Union Voole, allowing it to reach ever greater audiences through the internet.

China introduces real-name verification for parcel deliveries

The Chinese government has issued compulsory screening and real-name verification for all letters and parcels, in an effort to stem the flow of recent postal hazards.

KPCB China’s Zhou Wei said Chinese entrepreneurs will outdo the Americans in the future

At a recent Beijing conference, Zhou Wei of KPCB China, enumerated several reasons why China’s entrepreneurs will likely overtake their American counterparts.

Tencent-backed crowdsourced logistics platform receives USD 50 M

In the crowdsourced logistics industry, in addition to the merger between JD Daojia and Dada last week, Renren Kuaidi finished a USD 50 million round of financing.

The startup journal III – Don’t call me boss

Leadership is not about being a chameleon who puts on the boss face from time to time. I still believe that being genuine and open is the key.

Will real name verification slow down 10 billion package deliveries in China?

Real name verification came into effect on Sunday with a host of accompanying issues including security failures, partial compliance and users wary of top five courier companies in the country.

Will the Android app sharing community bloom? Ask Dennis Chu

With his admirable confidence, Chu hopes to open another door for Android app developers and users through his app-sharing product called Swably.



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