Meet Air Matters: the app alerting millions on air quality

It is the most downloaded free app in 2013 among all categories in China’s App Store.

Air Matters: the app based on big data supports a smart home system

The app by an independent developer was chosen as the Best New App multiple times in the China App Store.

The top 8 carsharing platforms in China

Bike-sharing isn’t the only change happening on the streets of China’s cities

Ankerbox aims to cash in on China’s latest power bank rental hype (updated)

Investors bet on the power bank rental market by pouring cash into several startups.

Top 5 fast food startups in China

Chinese food startups aim to be China’s Mcdonald’s with the help of the Internet.

Sifting the tides of mobile data: an interview with Leo Cui, CEO of TalkingData

TalkingData is China’s leading third-party data analytics company that tracks activity on approximately four billion devices.

More than an air monitor, new Laser Egg aims to be a node in big data maps

The startup hopes to enter the big data sector by making highly accurate air monitors that support Apple HomeKit.

Meet the robotics startup that wants to be the Android of AI

Horizon Robotics isn't making walking and talking robots that will cook you dinner, but they want to give your toaster a brain.

Juesheng CEO shares his vision to conquer China’s USD 240 billion education market

Juesheng aims to build a bridge between consumers and the most appropriate providers of educational services.

Star angel investor Cai Wensheng: How entrepreneurs find investors in China

16 year veteran investor of the Chinese tech sector, Cai Wensheng, offers advice to young entrepreneurs, and insight into the entrepreneurship landscape in the world’s second-largest economy.

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