Chinese startup founders keep up the innovation spirit till the end of 2016

Startup founders in big data, online education, and outbound travel business share how they maintain their innovation spirit.

NextEV Founder talks about future cars after the fastest EV “Nio EP9” debut

NextEV has proven itself in the toughest race of Formula E.

Testimony: a self-reflection on a tech career in China

Life lessons from the rise and fall of a tech professional’s career, with inspiring stories from industry peers and family.

The top 5 MUJI copycats in China

The minimalist design trend has given Chinese startups some inspiration.

Top 5 Olympic champion investors and founders in China

Olympic champions are joining the long list of celebrity investors and founders.

20 of the darkest days in my life as a startup CEO

An entrepreneur in her twenties recently encountered perhaps the darkest twenty days of her life. What obstacles must a startup CEO overcome?

How China’s smog is boosting tech startups

Weather apps and air monitors are hot in smog-haunted cities.

The rise and fall of corporate VCs: What corporations can do to make a difference

Despite challenges, direct corporate and CVC investment is expected to account for 35 per cent or more of total global VC dollars invested by 2025

A leak reveals new ofo bikes with advanced technology

Ofo plans to connect one million bikes by the end of this year.

Why knowledge sharing platforms are hot in China

After free knowledge, the internet brought paid knowledge sharing to Chinese users.



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