Toumi RA brings American financial products to Chinese clients

China’s robo-advisor industry now sees a new player backed by a well-established wealth management company CreditEase.

Meet GameGou, a developer bringing the simplicity of Fruit Ninja to sports games

GameGou’s soccer game Perfect Kick was among Google Play’s Best of 2015.

Slow is fast: luxury e-commerce platform Secoo understands wealthy Chinese

China’s largest luxury e-commerce platform Secoo hopes to serve high-end consumers across the globe.

Shanghai based MXCHIP bets brand on growth of the Internet of Things

China’s MXCHIP hopes to grow with the trend of Internet of Things.

Comper at CES 2017: Smart gadgets made for new moms

Comper differentiates from its competitors as a smart medical device maker for mothers and children.

Why investors pour cash into China’s bike sharing businesses?

An insider in the startup world shares his know-how of China's bike sharing business

Will Chinese bike sharing apps’ overseas expansions succeed?

Mobike and ofo recently announced their strategies for overseas expansion - will they have an edge in relatively developed markets?

Are large layoffs by Chinese drone maker ZEROTECH a sign of an overheated market?

The Qualcomm backed drone manufacturer just confirmed job cutting.

Top 5 Chinese cities for startups

First-tier Chinese cities are the most attractive to foreign startups with sufficient VCs, talents, and technologies.

Why I ditched China’s No. 1 fitness app “Keep” and went back to the gym

Nothing beats having a personal trainer to correct my exercise postures.



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