Baidu furthers AI application in smart homes and jointly launches a childcare robot

Smart homes is one of the major areas where Baidu will see commercialisation of its Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

Xiaomi may schedule its IPO to 2025

Xiaomi CEO said the company may launch its IPO in 2025, as they are now focusing on offline stores and new products.

Baidu’s Chief Scientist: worrying about AI today is like worrying about overpopulation on Mars

Andrew Ng, the researcher once regarded as “the man behind the Google Brain”, gave media a peek at Baidu’s ambitions for the future.

Tencent licenses 1.5M songs to NetEase in a bid to dominate online music market

In a China-first Tencent’s QQ Music will form a sublicensing arrangement with NetEase’s Cloud Music in a bid to boost NetEase’s online music catalogue.

The future of cloud computing is in China, America, and possibly India, Alibaba says

Alibaba Group Vice President spoke at the Computing Conference Beijing Summit about opportunities concerning cloud computing’s globalization.

China Citic Bank to set up direct bank with Baidu using USD 300M

China Citic Bank confirms on Tuesday that it will hold a majority stake in the direct bank it co-founded with Baidu.

5 insights from Xiaomi on entrepreneurship

Xiaomi’s co-founder, Li Wanqiang, revealed some of the secrets to Xiaomi’s speedy success. Here are all the highlights you need to know.

What Didi Chuxing does that Uber does not

AllChinaTech compares Uber and Didi Chuxing for newcomers to China so you can get around cheaply and conveniently.

Chinese tech giant LeEco acquires American TV maker Vizio for USD 2 Billion

USD two billion is the highest acquisition price in the TV industry ever, according to LeEco.

App Store beware: Tencent invites developers to develop in-WeChat apps

WeChat has invited 200 developers to develop in-WeChat app-like “basic programs”, in an effort to move towards a service platform.

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Tech Junction: New Space 99 degree AI class review

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