Baidu furthers AI application in smart homes and jointly launches a childcare robot

Smart homes is one of the major areas where Baidu will see commercialisation of its Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

Machine learning expert Tom Mitchell gives a glimpse of AI’s future at GMIC Beijing

Carnegie Mellon University professor talks AI in healthcare, education, and industry.

Kai-Fu Lee suggests “scientists and entrepreneurs are essentially different”

Kai-Fu Lee spoke about the relation between AI scientists and entrepreneurship at GMIC Beijing 2017.

Baidu President Yaqin Zhang: We aims to build an operating system in the AI era

This China tech giant hopes to build the Windows or Android of AI.

Hawking expresses concerns on AI, saying “such powerful systems would threaten humanity”

Stephen Hawking warns the next generation of innovators on the threat AI may bring at GMIC Beijing 2017.

Tencent’s new AI assistant to take on Siri and Alexa

Tencent to integrate its new digital assistant into both apps and gadgets.

Why WeChat’s new mobile search department is a threat to Baidu?

Tencent is making an all-out effort to turn up its game in the mobile search war.

Is LeEco-backed ride-hailing app Yidao going downhill with alleged cash woes? (updated)

Both Yidao and LeEco are trapped in troubled waters...

China’s tech leader slams United Airlines for dragging passenger off plane

Chinese internet users are reacting with outrage after an Asian American man was kicked off a United Airlines plane.

Google’s AlphaGo to take on world No.1 Go player Ke Jie

AlphaGo 2.0 will play against China’s Ke Jie in a three-match game.



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