Huawei to release 5S smartphone tomorrow

Huawei will release its 5S smartphone tomorrow for around 1000 RMB.

US vs. China: One iPad sold every second on Black Friday, two iPhones sold each second on Singles Day

Although Apple sales are dropping in China, Apple products are topping the bestselling lists of major retailers in Black Friday sales in the US.

Huawei outs the Kirin 950 powered Mate 8

Huawei has released its newest Mate 8 phone, which is equipped with the most powerful chip set on the market.

Who’s fussin’ about Xiaomi’s newly launched Redmi Note 3?

Xiaomi outs its latest Redmi and Mi Pad devices at a Beijing launch event today, leaving many fans confused as to precisely what direction Xiaomi is following.

Xiaomi to release Redmi Note 3 on Tuesday

It has been confirmed, Xiaomi will release the new Redmi Note 3 at its product launch event on Tuesday. Other products in store may include a tablet and a smart watch.

6 rising drone makers you didn’t know were drone makers

With recent rumors of a Tencent foray into drones, AllChinaTech takes a step back to review the drone landscape and remind readers of some of the lesser known manufacturers.
xiaomi miband

This week’s hot picks in Chinese gadgets

AllChinaTech wraps up the week’s news in consumer electronics. Read on for the past week’s headlines!

Top 5 most sold smartphones during the Double 11 shopping festival

AllChinaTech puts together a list of the most sold smartphones for this year’s Double 11 shopping festival.
xiaomi miband

Xiaomi introduces a heart-rate sensing Mi Band for the Double 11 shopping day

In the lead-up to China’s annual Double 11 shopping day or ‘Singles Day’ shopping festival, Xiaomi has announced a product refresh of two of its popular accessory products.

Tencent releases its first gaming console, the miniStation

Tencent has released a new Android-based video gaming console capitalizing on its hugely successful QQ-based gaming platform.

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Tech Junction: New Space 99 degree AI class review

Read our reviews on tech events in Beijing. We rate the events, and you decide whether you want to go or not.

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