Pony Ma reduces stake in Tencent

Tencent CEO, Pony Ma has again sold more of his Tencent stock but it is not yet clear whether this is for personal gain or as part of company strategy.

Xiaomi releases China-only Mi 4c at launch event

Xiaomi introduces the Mi 4c, a phone not designed to replace its Mi Note but offer a compelling alternative for mainland users.

Ant Financial to be listed on China’s Mainboard next year

Shen Guojun, Chairman of Yintai Group, announced to the public on Tuesday that Ant Financial will go public on China’s mainboard from next year.

Xiaomi Introduces Mi Mobile

Xiaomi unveils its network reseller business, Mi Mobile, at its phone launch event yesterday.

BAT giants accompany Xi on US visit

Chinese President, Xi Jinping, will be accompanied by a bevy of industry heavyweights on his trip to the US, who among them have the most to gain from closer ties?

Tencent restructures its financial services

Tencent will merge its financial properties into a single unit, hoping to match the might of Alibaba’s Ant Financial, but notably will not include WeChat Wallet in the merger.

A “smart-car” race for large Chinese tech companies

Tencent releases new software packages for smart cars signalling growing interest from the tech industry in automobiles.

Priceline ups its stake in Ctrip taking the battle with Expedia to Chinese borders

With Priceline boosting its stake in Ctrip, commentators sit back and assess the current state of OTA’s in China surmising that the local travel industry still has much room to grow.

Why e-commerce Mia.com could be valued at USD one billion

Mia.com, a baby product e-commerce pledges to use the USD 150M funding for children services beyond selling foreign baby formula and paper diaper.

Tencent launches two competing film factories

Tencent makes further strides into the film business with the launch of two separate film ventures and further integration of its existing properties.



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China’s largest delivery company S.F. Express plans to list on China’s stock market

S.F. Express plans to launch an IPO to secure its position in the Chinese market, since its rivals have already listed or are in the process of doing so.