/Why you should ACT and work with us

Why you should ACT and work with us

I am Wu Nan, a veteran journalist educated at UC Berkeley and Harvard. I’ve worked at some of the most influential Chinese and international media outlets, including the Wall Street Journal and the South China Morning Post.

After living first-hand through the decline of traditional media outlets, I am now determined to make a difference in the profession I love deeply. Last year, I founded AllChinaTech, China’s TechCrunch-like English tech media startup.

The digital media era has liberated the way people consume information, think and act. Journalists and readers alike have more freedom to express themselves and communicate with the rest of the world, simply by blogging, posting and sharing on social networks. Traditional journalistic norms such as style, genre and beats are quickly disintegrating. As long as you deliver meaningful information to the right people, you’ve done your job and won your audience.

Wu Nan, CEO and Chief Editor of AllChinaTech

The rise of mobile internet has further disrupted business models and rules of engagement.

Are you ready to become a celebrity writer or internet opinion leader on tech? Do you have vital information and brilliant ideas to share, either with a world-wide tech-savvy audience or with select circles of like-minded professionals?

That’s where AllChinaTech comes in. When you have an idea for a story, an opinion or an analysis, we can help you refine it, sharpen your view, polish the language, and help deliver it to millions of English language readers worldwide.

We don’t care what background you are from, what professional or research fields you are in, or where your location is. If you have insights, sharp opinions or even a witty personal story to tell which is related to IT industry, innovation, technology business or startup, ideally about China or the continents that are heavily in contact with China in these fields, e.g. the United States, India or Southeast Asia, please write and blog for us.

In return, you’ll be invited into the AllChinaTech community online and offline, where you’ll have access to tons of reading materials, a toolkit for writing, and human networks of all professions and majors who are ready to help. For those who are web celebs and future star writers, we are willing to split potential profits from distributions.

In our community, it won’t be just a dream to have tea and chat with a Pulitzer prize winner, we’ll have series of events with news celebs, to have meetups or online conferences.

We believe that everyone can be a star writer if you are willing to try becoming one. We don’t write for making a living but for making an impact and progress.

If you are talented, fame and money can follow.

Please send your resume to writers@allchinatech.com. ACT team will respond to your application as soon as possible.

(Top photo features ACT teammates: Victoria Zhao, Wu Nan and Timmy Shen)

Wu is the CEO and Editor in Chief of AllChinaTech. She is an award-winning journalist with honors from Foreign Press Association in New York and Hong Kong Journalists Association. For years she worked for top-notch media outlets including South China Morning Post and the Wall Street Journal. She co-founded the NetEase Annual Economist Conference (NAEC), a leading economic forum in China. Wu holds a master's degree in Journalism at U.C. Berkeley and is a 2012 Nieman Fellow at Harvard University. Write to her: nan[at]allchinatech.com